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BEADS AND BEYOND Instructor Bio's

Peg Gyldenege

Peg has been exploring and creating art since childhood. She became a metal smith and enchanted with bead 15 years ago and has been focused in teaching fun and interesting projects. Along with planning weekend art retreats to share her joy, knowledge and experience as well as laugh till you wet your pants. Her bead work (“the amazing walk to womanhood”) was featured in Dairy Barn’s Bead International 2000. She has been teaching PMC & Art Clay classes on the west coast for 10 years and started the local Seattle Tacoma Chapter of the PMC Guild 4 years ago. She also owns Wild Hair Studio a vintage bead business with her sister of the heart for the last 8 years.


Tracy Stanley

Spending my life in the Pacific Northwest has definitely influenced my art.  My love of natural and organic elements comes though in each piece I create.  I love to follow a path not knowing exactly where it is going to lead or where I will end up.  I don’t force the process, but allow it to happen.  The integrity of each piece I make is so important to me.  A piece should not only be beautiful to the eye but function well.

I have been teaching beading and wire-work classes for 14years.  My teaching career began at Beads and Beyond in Bellevue Washington.  In addition to teaching locally I also travel and teach at a variety of bead stores and shows around the country.  Some of the places that I have taught include: NanC Meinhardts in Highland Park, Ill, Crystal Creations in West Palm Beach Florida, Alaska Bead Company in Anchorage Alaska, Creative Castle in Newbury Park Ca, Bead Expo, Bead and Button Show and Bay Area Bead Extravaganza.

Sharing my skills with students brings me such satisfaction. Passing on the proper use of tools and techniques so that they too can allow the process to flow and create pieces with that are uniquely their own and that they will be proud to wear.


Green Line
Nancy Strahle

Several years ago, Nancy Strahle was taken by surprise by beads, and she now surrounds herself with them. Her work is guided by a love of seed beads and fascination with off-loom bead weaving techniques, and she tends to turn this focus into whimsical sculptures or unique art-to-wear pieces.

Exploring off-loom bead weaving techniques has led Nancy to the development of innovative stitch variations and exciting bead projects.  Teaching beadwork to others has also become a bit of a passion.  When not beading, she operates her sole-practitioner CPA practice and enjoys life with her husband and pet family, and garden in Bellevue, Washington.

Nancy’s work has been exhibited in the bi-annual, juried Absolutely Beads shows sponsored by Beads & Beyond in Bellevue.  The most recent Absolutely Beads show, in December 2004, also featured her work in the mind-and-soul expanding collaborative bead project, Forces of Nature (a.k.a. the Stool Project).

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